Thursday, February 19, 2009

Brain Mice!

Mouse in a funnel.
Much memory is
Narrow squeaks in
Tapered tunnels and what
I see speaks of ways
Found by whisker
In the night --
Mice returning to wild
Light of days.
Yet promise might
Night and day deceive.
How to restore these
Still wedged in mind?
My pledge therefore
Is not to leave
Myself behind.


  1. Geo.~

    The older I get, the more I understand this! I think we experience a kind of narrowing in mental space but it's not necessarily negative. It just is. My dreams speak more and more of this. Preconceptions of dementia? I dunno, but it's okay, especially when I see what I see iot as articulated by you....

    1. You know, Will, I sometimes wait years to reply --in this instance, 5-- because I don't always know what you mean yet. I do now, now that you've demonstrated the focus under discussion does not prefigure dementia. It's more like a climacteric during which the mind reprograms toward detail in a new age. You just get smarter and smarter and that sets a glow I follow into the years.


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