Saturday, December 19, 2009

Opera Logic

In opera, wars end
In strolls among flowers,
Coruscating country folk--
Strife flees a jolly
Polka, jokes upon passion, power.
In opera, wars end; hagiarchy
Bends to lovers'
Tears, children praying.
In opera-- fears, betrayal,
Insurrection-- whispers
Snag upon gardens
Over reunion, pardon.
Voices blend --in opera
Wars end.


  1. I like "Opera Logic" because opera is moderns' re-creation of Greek tragedy and comedy in formal artistic works that include vocal song, drama, orchestral music, dance, spectacle, moral lessons, imitation of life just as the ancient theatre did. But both are just that: imitation of life, moral lessons, unlike life itself. Only in Greek theatre and opera do wars end.

  2. Willie,
    Your comment on a poem is a poem it itself! Real-world wars, it is true, don't end. Their damage is permanent. But there's healing in the arts for some lesser conflicts, or --I think you'll agree-- we'd all go mad from the injustices of life.


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