Thursday, July 11, 2019

Difference Between 9 and 69

Our barns, across the creek
From one another --they light
Cooking fires for their workers.
This time, it looked different:
A luring, dancing devil daring
Me to do something naughty--
Sneak a beer or cigarette, where
I might be found by adults with
Eyes smoldering as if fire
Raged inside them, but now...
I am the adult, an old one too.
I still sneak off behind the barn
But find nothing to do.


  1. Hah! Wonderful ending, Geo. :)

    Firelight is mesmerizing, although I suspect it is less so when you're worried about it spreading. But they have to eat, too . . . which brings me to the question: do the workers really cook on a fire? That is somewhat heartbreaking.

    1. Yes Jenny, they do cook on a fire. The owners have opened their properties to workers trying to get on irrigation crews and, later harvest crews. Aromas from fire are quite appetizing and later, they sing Ranchera and Mariachi songs. For many years, I have walked out behind my own barn (which I built myself) and listened. Not heartbreaking; fun, keeping their spirits up. Most of their money is sent home to their families. I worked in such company in the 1960s --they needed U.S. wages and we needed them.

  2. The difference between 9 and 69 is not only the years, but the lessons learned. We sure had some fun learning them though.

    1. Dear Arleen, We learned indeed --and had fun. If we divide the years by the fun, I think the quotient would yield an A+ , which I happily confer upon you.

    2. I think we both have had a good ride, but we have miles to go before we sleep,

    3. That is certain, Kindred Soul:

      "The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
      But (We) have promises to keep..."

      And maybe an old gentle poet to welcome us.

  3. Oh how touching...and exactly as I feel these days too!
    Been doing a lot of reminiscing recently...and revisiting scenes from my youth. Never quite the same unfortunately, is it? It's like the magic has vanished...
    Such a gorgeous poem...speaks volumes...😊😊

    Have a fabulous weekend!

    1. Magical Ygraine, "the magic has vanished..."? Yes but it's only invisible --vanished, not perished-- and can still be heard giggling sometimes. It laughs because it's in you.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Rick, Next time I sneak a beer, I'll think of you.

  5. 9 and 69 .... there's a difference?????

    1. Dear Delores, no difference really. That 6 is just another 9 that toppled in upside down by accident. My typing is prone to such mishaps.


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