Monday, July 8, 2013

Genie's Nicitation

Before memory and
Mystery merge
I ought to ask what
Sort of task
Includes itself
In destiny.
And who was this
Infant self
That set it out
For me?
He did, and
I remember how.
He allowed himself to be
The me that
I am now.


  1. The fine line between what we derive from our surroundings, and what we imagine from our thoughts, is indeed very fine. And without any doubt, facing our imagining self makes us confused and amusingly surprised at the same time :-)

  2. The last three lines are ones I will take with me tonight as I lounge outside under the twilight. Lyrical and helpful; the combination of the gods, I should think.

    Thank you, Geo.

  3. I always can't help but gush over your poetry, Geo. The best poetry can always read differently to different people. I love the line, 'Who was this infant self that set it out for me?' There's something so poignant about it...I just love it.

  4. A re-read. Loads of times!! Wonderful.


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