Friday, November 15, 2019

Imagine Autumn

In fantasy, fish swim
Flames of the sun--
Lenses sailing light,
Twist and glide in dreams
That are never done.


  1. Replies
    1. Lovely Arleen, most kind. The dream of translucent fish swimming like living lenses on the surface of the sun came to me when I was a child. I woke, and never forgot it.

  2. Clever use of a fall leaf! He looks like a happy fish :)

    1. 0_Jenny, thank you. Whenever I think about heat --the tremendous inferno of the sun and the gently metered combustion of metabolism-- that old dream returns to me. I added a mouth, gill and eye to an autumn leaf then stopped. Didn't want the leaf to disappear.

  3. Dreams
    Being never done
    Is half the fun
    The other half
    Being doodling
    Eyes on leaves
    And contemplating
    What next to draw
    In the light of
    The autumn sun

    1. Dear KK, thanks for your excellent poetic comment. I wish you the best of the season.

  4. I keep looking at that fish eye. What a mesmerizing picture, fluke of nature, fantasy. Dreams ARE never done. That is truly inspiring sentiment. Thank you, dear friend. You've once again softened my heart.
    Love and light to you.

    1. My pleasure, dear Robyn, and a privilege. When I doodled a fish eye on the leaf I decided not to convert it entirely. I am different from other doodlers; I change my mind oftener.

  5. sublime poetry as always dear Geo :)

    loved the flames of sun phrase ,soothing the soul in winters ,their warmth seems as touch of mom's lap :)

    cleverly shot
    blessings to your days friend!

    1. Dear Baili, thank you for your eloquent, kind and encouraging comment to Norma and me. Blessings appreciated and reciprocated.

  6. Geo:

    I love the fish leaf! I always talk in one of my classes about how, as an example of misconceptions about the idea of “spontaneous generation” (disproven by Louis Pasteur) about how folks, long, long ago would sometimes imagine that leaves falling from deciduous trees into rivers and creeks would develop into fish (shapes of some panfish like bluegills looks almost leaf-like).



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