Monday, December 23, 2013

L'Homme Au Gant

                                                [1977 Kate Painting of Geo.]
[1975 Geo. Poem about Kate]
So I told her, "Kate, whenever you see me today
Please just smile and say 'It's all right.'"
So I stepped off the el and looked round
For a circus, laid my face to the colors
And grabbed the trapeze as it swung by.

The crowd was disappointed.
I'd let them down --half up the
Ladder, I could go no higher.
"Listen folks, I can't do the
Triple flip into the flying forest
Fire because I got a train to catch!"

Then WHAM! 
Halfway down the ladder, skinny
Me in sequined tights, caught
Punched my ticket and said,
"They're applauding the guy who
Threw it, but it's all right. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

In Mind Is Time

In mind is time bisected,
Order imposed upon 
Imploding past--
Starts asleep in uncertain
Night, stars turn into
Thought, moon into 
Memory, edges light--
And night, heavy under
Dreams of things to be, 
Shambles into the sea.