Thursday, June 20, 2019

October Beach

I first wrote this poem in 2009(Please click year), , fiddled with it for 3 years, reduced it, then rebuilt and added into it 7 years later. 

Ten years.

I hope I get some comment this time --if only because I did something different: I made it longer instead of my usual practice of reducing poems, sometimes until they vanish. The old doodle:

Ocean is always in us
Where gravity dreams,
Forces swirl seams,
Marmoreal, like love --a 
Temporal spectrum 
Pitched into light and
All life above, below
We know a single moment,
A chime unfurled in time.
Its waves curl, rise, fall,
Fold and spread beyond us all,
Leaving salted air --and
What is too far, too old
To see, can at least
Be heard there.