Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In Order Of Appearance

Sun pinched from
A plume of
Primordial fire
Lightyears long
Roars at a planet
Evolving a bird
That names itself
With a single
Musical note.

McClures Beach

Overhanging ferns
Barely quiver.
The little stream
Meandering down
To the beach
Is composed
Of inland storms.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Report From Genesis 9

Length of a second is
186000 miles.
Does light dreamed
Upon things dreamed
Travel as far?
There are arcs imagined:
"I do set my bow
In the cloud...a covenant
Between me and
Such is birth and rebirth,
A dream learned here
Lights an ecosphere.
Born, under flaming sky,
A reflective pool.
Bows, arcs go into circles.
A circle goes, a circle
Goes to school.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


One wakes differently
From this than other things,
Panic echoes split
Into wheels rumbling
Under leather wings,
Where our carriage cleared
The bailey arch
To courtyard, then gray
Gothic chamber with
Groined roof
Full of forces seeking
Proof of innocence, worth,
Fault, furies race from stone
To bone, cranial vault,
Castle, head.
The head lifts in haunted
Troubles from its bed--
A dream or some edition
of self escaped?
Dispersed or still playing
Out in Hell?
We wake, consult a clock
And do not know.
Just as well.