Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Ductile Time Revisited

Nine years ago, this poem attracted one comment, from my dear friend and grammar coach since 1965, Willie.  I decided it wanted  pictures, something glowy and something definitive. This is glowy:

Melting points
Make crystal relax.
At 98 degrees,a
Human may be
Drawn like a
A wave over years.
Tungsten takes 6000.
Dreams stream off.
Where do they go?
What current causes
Them to glow? 

What indeed?As we get older I used to think that wisdom from experience would inevitably flow forth. Those two questions at the end;Where do they go?;What current causes;Them to glow?
are our elders' existential 21st century "Godot"!
And now for something definitive:

I introduce Monsieur Muscovy, our resident expert on all things ducktile.