Thursday, December 29, 2022


                       Up? Down? How 

                 Does one tell time

                 When time is done?

                 An end undone or

                 Begun in infinity--

                 Divinity calls, even from

                 Faces fixed in walls.


Thursday, April 28, 2022



Our dreams fill with light,

Miracles, fear, darkness,

Noise, joys, sorrows of

Waking at tomorrows 

Relit in night where ball-

Lightning gets us biddable

And living skies anoint 

New lives --a plenum,

A focal point in thunder

Tells us where to run

Under shelter --a heart melter

From about and above

Teaching us to be in love.




Sunday, January 16, 2022



Confusion of wind,

Ice and rain reflect a brawl 

Inside the brain. Strange,

Mind declines in fracas.

And even stranger,

Plenum makes mind, bone,

Flesh skirmish inside alone.



Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Resolution Of Two Interrupted Directions

I inscribe this poem --brief as it is-- to a favorite composer, whose life  overlapped mine in the late 1950s, Marie-Joseph Cantaloube de Maleret. I call it Resolution of At least Two Directions. Hopefully afterward I can find a clip of his wonderful composition.
Guess I remembered it because, in my 1950s brain I decided "b" was an  upside down "p". Still do... Poem:
           Cannot climb only from hard to soft
            Or ladder leading only aloft... Song:   
Please stay connected, dreaming, thoughtful.We need each other.

Friday, October 15, 2021

Confusing Week

 Some weeks are sorely challenged:

Social misunderstandings about events

That are not my call, long drawn-out

Problems about pharmacy authorization,

Time  wasted worried on our toxic 

Divided nation all combine in a

Sign-on  headline that reared up today:

"... Everything You Know About Cheese is Wrong"

Du fromage, does not  quite rhyme with age,

Or milk massaged from compliant mammals--

To curds compressed in a mold --it is true,

I am too old for this, as is cheese, and you.


Note: Really wanted to find a rhyme for "mammals".  Couldn't, so I added a photo of a camel.


Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Remembering Her

 I  have lost my mind.

How careless of me.

So going back among bits

Of memory, winged underway,

I'm 5 years old in the kitchen

Complaining to my mother --

Having misplaced something...

I forget, but hear her voice:

"Think of the last place you

Remember using it, then look

There." --and I am whole again.

Monday, March 1, 2021

Rain On Summer Snowflake

Rain on Summer Snowflake flowers
Gathers through the hours -- yes,
We heard it on our backporch roof
But unless we go outside for proof,
We must pursue an indoor truth:
Divide by season, calendar days,
Moments where we must be --but
There are no fractions of infinity.