Friday, October 15, 2021

Confusing Week

 Some weeks are sorely challenged:

Social misunderstandings about events

That are not my call, long drawn-out

Problems about pharmacy authorization,

Time  wasted worried on our toxic 

Divided nation all combine in a

Sign-on  headline that reared up today:

"... Everything You Know About Cheese is Wrong"

Du fromage, does not  quite rhyme with age,

Or milk massaged from compliant mammals--

To curds compressed in a mold --it is true,

I am too old for this, as is cheese, and you.


Note: Really wanted to find a rhyme for "mammals".  Couldn't, so I added a photo of a camel.



  1. That's lovely. It made me smile.


    1. Dear Janie, Thanks! Your smile is my reward.

  2. I am so with you re weeks where there is a strange, outwardly-seeming straw that breaks the back of the poor camel ... and I agree that we are all too old for this.

    "everything you know about cheese is wrong" is pretty funny though :)

    1. 0_Jenny, It's been a rough week without an anti-anxiety med I've used for decades. Altho it's prescribed "as needed" I've been down-titrating off it for 6 months. Now my prescriber has has denied renewal authorization and I'm just glad I live in wine country. Beyond that, concerns of relatives over my refusal to intrude on my grown childrens' social plans have made it hard to, as Zen puts it,"withdraw without reflecting disturbance". I possess myself in patience. You know the drill, dear Jenny. But there's always more to learn about cheese.


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