Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Resolution Of Two Interrupted Directions

I inscribe this poem --brief as it is-- to a favorite composer, whose life  overlapped mine in the late 1950s, Marie-Joseph Cantaloube de Maleret. I call it Resolution of At least Two Directions. Hopefully afterward I can find a clip of his wonderful composition.
Guess I remembered it because, in my 1950s brain I decided "b" was an  upside down "p". Still do... Poem:
           Cannot climb only from hard to soft
            Or ladder leading only aloft... Song:   
Please stay connected, dreaming, thoughtful.We need each other.


  1. it's fascinating poem dear Geo ,despite i could not get it's meaning it has impressive appeal to senses :)

    health ,peace and happiness to you and loved ones!

    1. Dear Baili, I don't entirely get the meaning of those 2 lines either. Wrote them while entranced with "Baïlèro lèrô" from "Chants d'Auvergne". Song was composed from languages in 2 directions --French and Occitan.-- and involves Shepherds from 2 temporal directions, past and future. Thought it best to leave my poem at 2 lines; then doodle the 2 differences and similarities between Canteloube and a Cantaloupe.

  2. I see it as one of the most flattering tributes to an artist's work, to have it inspire other artistic creations. You playfulness with the canteloube, canteloupe distinction--delightful, my friend.

    I always appreciate both the depth and beauty of well, you.

    1. Beloved Robyn, Thank you for your compliment --you encourage and stabilize me. Even as a child I've had afflictions and pretensions toward a sort of pawky humor, combined with an awe of artists --like those in the clip depicting peace and grace in the Auvergne.

  3. Replies
    1. विज़िट करने के लिए आपका शुक्रिया। स्वागत!

  4. Dropping by with a bit of love for you, Geo.
    Please reciprocate--I've a bit of love for you at my blog too.
    Keep faith.


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