Thursday, April 30, 2020

Time Travel Poem: My failure to Capture Billy The Kid.

(To Norma)
I stepped out of the 
Pumphouse (it was a
Million o'clock in
The morning) and drew 
The door behind me,
Confused in light and
Dew --I remembered you.
An early investigation
In this young nation of
Fields and farms: I went
Wisely to the school-
Marm and asked, "What's
Billy The Kid's middle name?"
You said, "A definite article."
I said, "'The?'!"
You said "Duh!"
"How does he outrun the law?"
"With a modifier --always did.
Fools everybody -- it's
'Billy The Other Kid'!"
I said,"You're right, of course."
As I fell off my horse but
Did not fail to mention she
Should return with me to
My century as it really
Could use her attention.