Thursday, March 12, 2009

Report From Genesis 9

Length of a second is
186000 miles.
Does light dreamed
Upon things dreamed
Travel as far?
There are arcs imagined:
"I do set my bow
In the cloud...a covenant
Between me and
Such is birth and rebirth,
A dream learned here
Lights an ecosphere.
Born, under flaming sky,
A reflective pool.
Bows, arcs go into circles.
A circle goes, a circle
Goes to school.


  1. Now I LOVE a poem that I will have to return to again (and maybe again) to savor what it's cooking! This is one such. More later! Thanks!


  2. Thank you too, Willie! Here it is a bit later and if you do indeed return I'll furnish the following: My son David, a San Francisco musician and artist, was telling me about a dream last Spring. In it he was trying to solve a line, "a circle goes", when he came upon a dream version of me, who provided, "a circle goes to school!" I wrote the poem over that line.


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