Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Government is within,
So is church.
No need to join
Under thunderheads
One builds in --
Something special.
This is what one is.
It is also what two
Is, and keep your
Heads protected.
Brains are trying
To live in there.


  1. Of course (of course? But we folks have more or less known each other for...how many decades?) the image of you two emerges before any of the words: putting Grant Wood and Norman Rockwell on their heads! You two hearken back to things more primordial than (IMNSHO) anything they envisioned or imagined. Certainly Salvador Dali and Georgia O'Keeffe got far closer, and, as I've said before, lovely, unibrow Frida Kahlo has been IMO the most simpatico of all!
    Now to the text: Like all 'free spirits' (who are -not- "free" at all but the most dedicated of all) your "Credo"--like that implied or expressed of those I have cited above--is one of inner commitment and confidence! Bravo & Brava, dear ones!

  2. Thanks Willie, I love you too. And yes, of course we all follow Frida into Muppethood. Mid-60s I was in Mexico City looking at Diego Rivera's incredible murals. They needed Muppets, but none existed then. Are you sure he wasn't Charles Laughton?

  3. We'll just say Obri for short as I can't remember how to properly spell it. I love the picture of you two. And as usual, I always love the writings.


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