Thursday, March 31, 2011

Back Porch Wall

There is an outline,
An old sill, defined
Inside --which I
Ignore-- sealed under
Paint and plaster.
Some imagine old
Disaster deep behind
A disused door.
I don't bother
Any more, not at all.
Let children guess
What grand
Distress went on
Inside the wall.
Back porches change
Year to year,
Rearrange, crowd
And clear.
Doors shift by
necessity but children
Need a mystery.


  1. Ah! I have a special intro to this scene, not only having seen it over the years but also knowing the writer for even more years. Still, the mystery and disused qualities (if I may refer to such) have a magical effect, no? Still. look at the photo, a scene that I frequently espy when I visit Geo. and Norma!

  2. Geo, since I don't have your email address I must thank you on your blog for the excellent comments you have left me, particualrly the one about strugglin up the philosophical hills. Only one who does it knows what it is.



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