Monday, July 11, 2011

Breakers, Eons

Trough, crest,
Surf and sand,
Headland worn
By waves to stack
And arches, eons--
Storied orbit
Of the moon--
Subsides into
Tombolo, lagoon,
Eons and finally
Saline lake amid
Dunes where seas
Slipped away.
How long, How
Long it takes!


  1. "A scheme is under way to build a clock-the clock of the Long Now- in a remote desert, driven by a twisting pendulum powered by the expansion and contraction of a metal bar as night follows day. The hands will move once every year, it will chime once a century, and every thousand years a cuckoo will pop out. To geology, that clock is a mere stopwatch, and the Long Now but an instant in the narrative of our planet."
    Taken from 'Almost Like a Whale' by Steve Jones.
    I am now following your site and look forward to reading your poetry.

  2. Thanks, Liz! Writing poetry can be a pretty lonesome pastime in today's world and I appreciate your interest. I have subcribed to your site too.


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