Sunday, August 21, 2011


Impossible inventing
The possible resists
Translation --new,
Inchoate, stunned.
Can we create in all
This sanitation?
What's to be done--
Regal diadem or muzzle?
We have problems
To puzzle out.
I have some faith
In authority but much
More faith in doubt.
Cavewall icons, scrawled
In hunger, sufficed
When we were younger,
But we age; this
Is a larger cage.


  1. Sorry for this first flip reaction after being away from the Internet for some days: I hope you post the source of that great image. Second flip: What is the conflict and/or coordination of hope and faith? How in your opinion, are they dissimilar/similar, and as are faith and belief?

    Jus' saying'.....

  2. Pic was sent thru a friend thru a friend etc., so don't know source. I used it because the word "Hope" is bisected by a conduit, which was suggestive. It seems Faith has got popularly dogmatized lately, into a standardized collective formula, by groups that consider individual Hope a form of self-indulgence. Everything in the poem is about the conduit.

  3. Ah! I see it even more clearly now. Excellent! Thanks.


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