Monday, September 19, 2011


[Norma photo]
We are here--
avô, ông nội--
Sharing beer
Where you fall
Asleep on your
First birthday.
We stay in that
Place defined in
Twilight or dawn
Behind you as
Life goes on.


  1. I willingly confess that I am in awe and wonder at the moment of this poem. I eventually read a private message you sent to me, which--contradicting netiquette--I will quote partly:

    "...I think I just wrote, with one possible exception 40 years ago, the best poem of my life so far. In it, I felt and feel the presence of my own grampa --avo in Portuguese, ong noi in Vietnamese-- and where he's been in my memory and highly personal mythology over the years....Does it, or any of what I feel, strike a chord? You ever feel like the old ones have got your back? Just curious...."

    I hope I answered that!

  2. How extremely and grandly human to have had those who watch your back.

  3. Gentlemen, thank you. As I write, new scientific data surfaces. Spectral analysis reveals the tails of bright comets --human and otherwise-- are composed of Geezerite and Mexican beer. Avuncular ions and gramplasmic charges follow new wonders thru the universe. It seems we're all included.


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