Monday, September 17, 2012

Probability Tips

[Norma photo]

Self absent can't
Be unselfish.
Trail is marked
Where our tails left
Arcs in sand, and
We began an endless
Search for what
We couldn't find
At all, or couldn't
Find all of.
We had to invent love,
It seems--
Self, unselfish.
Memories come true--
Different from wishes--
Oftener than dreams.


  1. I have always thought of love as the act of giving.. giving all the things you might wish for yourself.
    The greatest love being shown by those that give their lives to save a stranger.
    This act goes against every instinct we inherited from our 'tailed' ancestors since it does nothing to ensure the survival of our own genetic make up but perhaps it may slowly improve the overall behaviour of mankind as a species.
    Your poetry is like a window high in a house that I have to stand on tip toe in order to peer through. It makes me feel like a child again.


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