Monday, May 27, 2013

Yesterday Morning

Quite a handsome herd of clouds
Sailing east over our umbrella--
Overtaken in an urge to
Stretch, vaporize and join
Them --made us forget
Our coffees and her hat, but
I am carefuller than that.


  1. Clouds really are random, and this randomness alongwith the variation over time makes watching them fun, as compared to, say the night sky which changes over periods of months.

    Enjoying the summer to the fullest, are we?

  2. What a finishing line! *BIG smiles*

  3. Hi Geo, Indigo here. I've read back over quite a few. I always struggle to say something meaningful about poetry, beyond that I like it or don't. I like your poetry; it's engaging without being overwhelming. See you again, Indigo

  4. Enfin! un peu de soleil! bonne idée...le café! merci de ton passage! belle journée...

  5. KK-- Thanks! I will do my best to enjoy the summer.

    Suze-- Most kind. Thanks!

    Helena-- Your smile means a lot to me.

    Indigo-- That is precisely what poetry should be.

    Gwendoline-- Mais oui, les bonnes idées et du soleil - je leur souhaite à vous aussi!

  6. I love the idea of a "herd" of clouds. It not only sounds nice, with echoes of herd of "cows" but also it is somehow what clouds are like anyway.


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