Tuesday, July 16, 2013

At First Sight

We haven't met, true,
But I'm as new to now
As you, so let's seek
And together go to
That peak and prospect
So close to now it
Barely answers when
Or why or how it holds
Us in the sky.


  1. Oh...so fanciful, and pure, at once.
    Have you ever published anything Geo.? It seems like you should.
    Did you ever read of 'Emily of New Moon?'
    At the end of the book she showed her writings and poetry to her teacher and quaked in her shoes as he muttered over them and finally looked at her and said 'Ten good lines...', and she was crushed. And he said, 'Ten good lines out of a hundred! At your age! Keep on! Keep on! Keep on!'
    Anyway, your poetry just reminds me of that, except all the lines are 'good lines'.

  2. Thanks Michelle, most kind. Yes, I used to publish (and perform!)--see "Trainride Of The Enigmas" (November 28, 2012) "False Start Friday..." Then turned to historical articles in the '80s, '90s. Now I write as I wish, here.

  3. You are right. Now is moment we should cherish. Good reminder!

  4. Beautiful. I'll have to do a bit of an archive visit here, Geo....!

  5. You have some very lovely poetry, Geo. Now I have to go through and read a few more and see what I'm missing out on!

  6. The synchronicity is almost eerie.

  7. Hi Geo, I've added your children's poem to my new blog http://thecakeandcustardbookshop.com
    kind regards, Carole.

  8. I really enjoyed this Geo, after my usual half-dozen reads. Words; I have to think about 'em! Indigo


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