Thursday, September 5, 2013

Della's Pump

His old mother's well quit
Quite in the dark.
Condenser, relay,
Romex rusted under weeds.
Here we chose our places
And our deeds--
Useful under stars, black trees,
Probing earth for logic
On our knees.


  1. I wish I could write like this. You always manage to evoke feelings with just a few words.

    On a separate note, this time I had to google 'Romex'. :)

  2. Michelle-- Most kind. Midnight repairs to submersible pump actuators are a part of rural life. Multitesters, good flashlights, deductive reasoning are the hick's toolkit. And yes, I am a hick. Help! Point is, one writes about what one knows --and you already do that extremely well.

  3. You have a gift with your words!

  4. Enabling a rural neighbor to get her shower has its own rewards, but your compliment has immeasurably added to that. Thanks!

  5. Praying or gardening (or both?)

  6. Suze-- Filing the points of a recalcitrant 220 volt relay under the midnight moon. Several references were made to a higher power but I shan't repeat them.

  7. Hey Geo! I must confess to befuddlement over this one, but now I know what it's about I appreciate it more! But even when I didn't, I liked the feel of the words. Indigo


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