Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Recuperation Poem


Sun, Mar 26, 2006, #3:

I have built a
Little clockwork tree
That climbs itself
Into the sky and
Comes free, which
Amuses children
And would make
A fine gift, but
Each one gets
Away from me.


  1. I love the fact that children get amused by the simplest things.

  2. I love the drawing, and the poem!

    It would make a fine gift...but not, because it amuses children BECAUSE each one gets away from you! :)

  3. A delightful tree, with a mind of its own and a determination to be free.

  4. I loved having the opportunity of reading the genesis of this blog! Thanks, Geo.

  5. The beautiful thing about our participation in universal creation is that we are the creators of our own thoughts, and thus we shape the ever-changing creation that is our own life.


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