Thursday, January 16, 2014


Bright jasmine on
Old palings, a
Treeline echoed
In clouds: things
Solid and things
Bleached in light,
In wonder, unreached
Heights, attention--
Unnoticed dances.
Things sing loud
In nature to
The mind and yet
We just don't
Get it all.
Left behind?
Not far, not wrong.
Grown in chances,
Survival is cyclic,
That's all, a song.


  1. The picture reminded me so much of home, back in India. We had a Jasmine trellis in my parent's home and we would get a basket full of flowers every evening, because if we did not pluck the flowers, they would fall off in the morning and become very hard to pick, hence get swept away by the cleaning lady. So in order to show nature their true value we would pluck them and give to neighbours or even save them in our closets.
    Your poem sounds like some one was hurt by time and by circumstances. Who ever it is that got hurt, may get my message that some one is remembering them like I remember our Jasmine trellis.

    1. An idea of beauty and kindness, Munir. Thank you.

  2. Both pictures are beautiful and this poem is inspired... Does it matter if we don't notice all the beautiful dances? Even if we don't see it, God does...

    1. Thanks! Do we notice? Within our power to do so. I'm with Bachman Turner Overdrive, "You ain't seen nuthin' yet", and consider them personally axiomatic.

  3. I think that somewhere it is the beauty of nature, that it keeps giving us signals and we don't notice. It gives us things, a lot of things, and we take them for granted.

    1. KK, All it takes is for a brave and perceptive soul to notice, like yourself, and the attention to nature is revived at large.

  4. Jasmine leaves such a sweet lingering scent. It's true, we need to pay just a bit more attention in life - especially me!

    1. From following your writings, I can't imagine someone paying more attention to life than you.


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