Thursday, February 20, 2014

Remembering June

A vine will bind a trellis or
Its own stem or empty air
And find no difference in 
Them, but share a reeling
Dance with earth, feeling
Time leave old growth
Behind to orbit, bend and
Let light subtend the mind.


  1. A nice reminder, thanks Geo.
    'but share a reeling dance with earth' nice line ...

    1. Most kind Margie. Our gardens circle the sun.

  2. Nice. We did have a small taste of spring this week.

  3. What a lovely accompanying poem. A touch of more good things to come!

  4. I would have chosen Botany for a major if it was not for the demand we had for Economics to get a job.
    Your poem is a reminder that nature is beautiful and it will always find it's way to grow and sustain, giving us it's benefits in the form of flowers and fruits.


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