Saturday, May 10, 2014


                                                                   {With love and admiration to mothers on Mothers' Day}

When her hearing went
She often said,"I can hear you
But I can't tell what you're saying."
At her kitchen table
We watched a storm pound over
The olive orchard--
Sunlight fled the field
Crossed the creek and
Dark filled the window,
Then flashed blinding blue
With thunder to the bone.
When the room unrattled
She laughed, "I heard that.
I just couldn't tell what it said."
I wish again that her hearing
had been better because
I'd love to know.


  1. Wonderful and very touching. As always, you've said a lot with few words. Our mothers have bestowed us with many warm memories.

  2. This is absolutely beautiful. Beautiful.

  3. Such a lovely tribute.
    Wish Norma a happy Mother's Day.
    I love her photo.

  4. Such a touching tribute.
    I have not been active on blogger lately. Hope that all is well.

  5. A comment somewhat belated but I had to let you know how wonderful this is! A fine woman, no doubt.

  6. Love to your mother, wherever she is.

    My mother turned 50 this year, and I must say watching your parents get old is a sad, sad feeling.

  7. Now THAT was wonderful. Great job, Sir! Roth

  8. Thank you for introducing yourself by leaving a comment on my blog. If you hadn't, I wouldn't have read this poem. And if I hadn't read this poem, my life would not have had this extra straw of understanding and contentment and the sense of 'Yes! That's-it!'-ness.


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