Friday, July 4, 2014

Anticipating Autumn

Sunlight heating our
Dry back pavers:
Summer exhaled 
Into colder, rarified air,
Scent, events signed into
Rills, veins,
Constricting stems--
Leaf-filled fissures,
Menhirs, warlockstones and
Old paths up the escarpment.
Against ground and time
Sharper light gilds rose leaves
And remains there.


  1. I love poems that make the summer come alive with words such as "exhaled," and this phrase is so ripe and easy to see: "Old paths up the escarpment." Lovely.

  2. Hey Geo! This is lovely. And - not for the first time - I totally get it! Thanks, Indigo

  3. I very much am anticipating autumn.......what a fabulous tribute to my favourite season!

  4. Geez.....frankly I'm not ready to think of Fall. Less than a month ago we had our last snow, and the first might only be 45 days away. Summer is of ephemeral here, so fleeting, that I'm not willing to consider the first frost just yet. Let us revel in summer while it's here in the northern rocky mountains.

    1. California is the place where one gets selfish about accelerating summer with wishful thinking, and envious of those who don't have to. I shall try to enjoy summer.

  5. Hi Geo :)
    I love autumn (fall), but I do love summer more...I guess it is due to the fact that we hardly ever have any here in UK, so when it does come for a few days I totally wallow in it! lol

    This is a fabulous tribute to fall though...almost makes me wish it were here! ;)

  6. Just for a moment this poem makes us forget that autumn is a suggestion that summer is leaving.


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