Sunday, August 10, 2014

Lake Berryessa

Berryessa was late to work this morning
As we drove east from San Francisco.
She crossed Interstate 80 in an embarrassed
Thirteen-mile-long glob of water and wildlife.
Last night, Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival put
A strain on her hydroelectrics and lights flickered.
Her alarm clock failed, and she woke up real late.
She was trying to get back to Napa and 
Lay herself against the Monticello Dam
So the music could go on, so Tom Petty could
Be a Heartbreaker yet again and close the show.
It's only nine o'clock now, so I don't know
If she made it, but we waded through --we
Got home --and found out the car likes fish.


  1. Ha...a fabulous tale...really brought a smile to my face!
    Oh I love this!! :)

  2. I think your car needs a toothbrush... there is a bit of leftover fish in its grill.

    1. THIS! This was the first thing that came to my mind too. I mean, the leftover fish, and not the toothbrush :-)

  3. This also brought a smile to my face, like Ygraine.
    I love San Francisco and going back as soon as I can talk hubby into it.

  4. So you had an amazing weekend, too?

  5. I think that upto this point, all stories I have read have been in the past. It was great reading a story in the present sense :-)

    1. KK, I envy your facility in languages and, if you ever run across a book of short stories by Damon Runyan --I recommend "Take It Easy", 1938-- I would envy you getting to read it for the first time. Runyan wrote them all in the present tense. Happy hunting!


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