Thursday, October 23, 2014


One is
A changing value:
A moment in time;
Zero over itself
Or sum of ourselves.
One from everything
Divided by anything, one;
An incomplete quotient
With a remainder of
Consciousness, or
A complete definition
Eternally underway.
I should mention
Angels here, outside
Math, intuitive, discussing
Human rise and fall.
I hear them say,
"They needn't see us,
They needn't see us
At all."


  1. "Some times in our own solitude, we humans tend to forget the presence of other beings, seen or unseen." This is what my dad's gardener used to say I did my best to translate from Hindi .If I am not mistaken your poem is saying something similar?

  2. I get a sense here of a solitude that is really no solitude at all... because there are always Angels there with us in our moments of solitude, even though we may not be aware of them.
    So we are never truly alone...:)

    1. I would like to think we are not alone, that we are at least being observed by our future selves and something positive will come of what we perfect in solitude.

  3. Dammit, this made me think some. It's said there's the only place in which truth exists is mathematics. I'm not so sure. But there is beauty everywhere, whether we see the angels or not.

  4. After, 'I should mention angels here,' everything inside hummed.

    1. Thanks Suze. It's not often I get to use that line outside poetry.


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