Sunday, December 21, 2014


Dark clouds close rank
Over a moment and
Upon it empty
All their voltage.
A rage of light
Blinds the mind.
It lingers and
When at last rain
Reclaims control,
The brain is uneasy.
Of itself! yes the soul
Demands proof.
I am always a little
Worried about my roof.


  1. Your roof looks fine to my eye. Of course I also see no evidence of the fury of the dark clouds.

  2. As much as we admire nature, we do need shelter from it's roughness. (They say rage, but I do not like to associate the word rage with nature.) I can certainly understand if you think of your roof and admire nature simultaneously

  3. Loved the ending... a very Happy Christmas!

  4. Yes...Nature can sometimes have a rather fiery temper...such storms often make my brain uneasy too!
    Your roof looks fine to me. I'm sure it will stand firm, whatever the weather throws in it's direction...:)

  5. Very touching. You have a way with words
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Aren't we all worried about our roofs? :)
    Hope you set worries aside this season and enjoy. Happy holidays to you and your fam!


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