Friday, June 26, 2015

One Direction

Releasing wild things
Releases us too.
You drew a
Limniscate: tension,
Turned upon its curves,
Crossed its quiet center,
Reentered to pass
Through me and off,
Exhaled and set free.


  1. Oh to find that kind of utter freedom!
    And such gorgeous little frogs!:)

    Have a Fabulous Weekend, Geo.:))

  2. To see infinity reduced to one is a sobering thought.

  3. Sometimes we may like things that are not appreciated by society, we tend to become unsure. I believe that when we are not worried about our likes and dislikes being judged then we become free of a lot of tension. Almost as if we are free from tension that comes from being controlled by society.

  4. A lot of nice sentiment to chew on here, Geo. It all equals one. Doesn't it? Nice!

  5. This is beautiful, Geo. I love nature, and the frogs are adorable! :)

  6. Thanks for your comment! :) Really appreciate it ^^


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