Wednesday, July 15, 2015

It Is Us

Force transferred, warmed
Into wind, sun,
Into waves, surf,
Is a voice of stars, formed
As ours --a chorus.
By this calculus, if
An echo hears an echo,
It is us, it is us.


  1. Because we are all made up of the same things we are one. So yes it is us.

  2. Oh absolutely!
    I have always known somehow...that we are all connected on a deep level...not only we humans, but every living thing.
    It is who we are...our true identity.

    And if we look closely enough, we will see ourselves quite clearly in this beautiful picture...:))

  3. Every thing we sense or perceive becomes part of us. Now you are a part of me. The universe is a grand thing.

  4. I have always been fascinated by an echo as a child and as a grandma too.
    Like Cherdo says here, we are on big family.

  5. I like the way these words flow with a rush, and then a pause, and then a rush again - like ocean waves. You paint wonderfully with words, Geo.

  6. everything intertwined ... everything reflecting ...
    "... if
    An echo hears an echo,
    It is us, it is us."
    The perspective you offer is both humbling and quietly energizing.


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