Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Homeric Gods

Entered unscripted into our
World,  devoid  of  form  or
Bias --judgement encrypted
In thought, life, wood, water--
In savant, worm, mind and
Mindless alike strike schism
Or closure;  our composure
Bends --to what end?  Soon
Naked, scaled or rockbound
In storm  or  full May moon
We gain devices  in stars  to
Bless or break  what is ours.
As solid dreams  are we  in
Cosmos  moved,  theology 
Can  always  be  improved.


  1. Yes, solid dreams ... I really like this but cannot articulate why ... words and cadence perfectly in tune

  2. This reads like a rap. I love your word play, and the fact that this (unscripted-encrypted, closure-composure). "We bless or break what is ours." So true. And the overall message...This is my favorite of yours so far, Geo. It's wonderful.

    Be warm and well, my friend.

  3. I never felt that the Homeric gods were unbiased. Perhaps it was because they had dealt with us for so long.


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