Sunday, January 10, 2016

She Photos

She photos frost
On table tops and
Days stunned in
Frozen sunshine --

A reaction different
From  mine, very.
I go  indoors  and
Draw a cherry from
Memory, but  still
She lives with me.


  1. It speaks to me in response. Hope ... not inevitable ....

  2. Her arrangements are so artful. I must admit a certain amount of jealousy is mixed in with my admiration. You each see the world from different eyes. It is a good thing because it doubles your enjoyment.

  3. Cherries are my favorite fruits. I celebrate the season each year on my birthday ... :)

  4. Hello Geo!:) Embracing each others differences instead of being resentful about them is what it's all about.Hubby and I have just celebrated our 57th wedding annerversary in december, but have been together for 60, and we couldn't be more different from one another.It was this that first attracted us to each other, and I'm sure it's why we are still together.One thing I know about you two is that you are both artistic in your own way.So sorry for rambling on. Have a good week!:)

  5. Cherry, a beautiful fruit...
    This post is good.

  6. So beautiful...different talents...yet a meeting of minds in the middle.
    Wonderful! :))

  7. Cherry I love ... They are beautiful
    Happy new year

  8. The differences in two people's view point are very nicely portrayed and the pictures add a sense of celebration to them. Thanks for sharing such a delicate post.

  9. This is warmhearted. I really like "days stunned in frozen sunshine." Your sketch of a cherry is pretty awesome too.

  10. Drawing a cherry from memory. I love your work. I've studied drawing, and admired the work my wife does, but I've never focused and applied myself to the art. What you do is remarkable.


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