Sunday, February 14, 2016


Tinted glass poured into
Contour of cables
Carried over roads,
Cities, over rarities,
Familiarity, daily
Schemes and dreams alike
Connect now only to
Day and night --refracting
Sunlight and in age
Still  glow  bright.


  1. I wish I had a penny for every one of these that I have seen. They are pretty when you see them up close.

  2. The kind of thing (unlike Emma) I don't see - or maybe don't recognise. But from the photos I can tell they are beautiful in colour and shape, even if their primary reason is to be useful. (Pretty good combination.)

    Esther Montgomery
    Esther and the Time Machine (New Blog!)

  3. Oh how beautiful...both the image - and even more so - your words.
    I haven't seen these before that makes them even more intriguing...:)

  4. You're able to write beautiful poetry about anything. First, insulators. Next, sloths?

    PS I like the sound of rarities...familiarity.

  5. Ah. We have one of those on our shelf. Beautiful poem. You do remarkable work.

  6. Norma has a keen sense of finding beauty in most practical things and then capturing the beauty in the photograph with the utmost care. Accompanied by your poem here they make us imagine the beauty ever so vividly. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I wish the old times were still here.


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