Sunday, April 24, 2016

McClures Beach

Overhanging ferns
Barely quiver.
The little stream
Meandering down
To the beach
Is composed
Of inland storms.


  1. Oh how vividly you bring to life this tiny part of Earth to life...I find myself following this beautiful little stream as it winds it's way to the beach...and I cam smell the damp ferns as I brush by them...reminding me strongly of childhood escapades...:)
    Absolutely delightful! :))

  2. The picture is beautiful but the prose brings it to life. Lovely!

  3. I always read your poems at least twice, and that's a compliment, Geo. This one deserved (and got) a third reading.

  4. You helped turn a not too good day to a great one, Geo! Great lines.

    As per your thoughts, the best of days are made of little good things. Can't be more true.

  5. I showed this picture to my husband and now he realizes that a Fern can be very pretty. We have one in our living room but it is not as lucky as the one by the stream. I would like to sing your poem to my Fern.

  6. I would have seen the beauty of the fern even without the picture. Both are lovely.


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