Saturday, April 29, 2017

Attercopus, WWW

400 million years:
DNA absorbed in
Viruses  spread
Protein templates
Spider to spider
Resulting in silk
Spirals, parallel
Lines, spinnerets
And why I got a
D  in  geometry.


  1. I got an A in geometry and I still do not understand what you said.

    1. Emma, you must have been able to master those geometric proofs that gave me so much trouble. Wish I'd sat next to you in that class.

  2. I echo Emma! I do know those photos are wonderful, though.

    So, did spiders evolve their ability to spin web silk from viruses? That would be a much better use for a virus than causing sore throats and snuffly noses.

    1. O_Jenny, I recently read that biologists found bits of spider DNA in some viruses. It apparently allowed the viruses to get through tissues in spiders and cause trouble. I wondered if the web-building genes could've hitched a ride on this process.

  3. Nothing like wisps of web in your face while walking through the woods:)
    The experience usually makes me dance and say ugly words.

    1. Rick, I know that dance --steps and lyrics. In fact, I believe that's very close to how the Tarantella Dance started.

  4. Spiders are clever in spinning webs. They have evolved to do this.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  5. Great last line, and one that made me laugh out loud. Geometry is a world of its own, as are your poetry skills. Thank you, Geo.

  6. I see
    You got a D
    In geometry
    We need to remember
    These natural wonders of evolution
    Are a great creation
    Not for understanding
    But for appreciation

    And you surely get an A for that, Geo

    1. Kind KK, thank you for the A. It raises my average considerably.

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks, Sujatha, for reading my poem --glad you enjoyed it.


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