Saturday, October 14, 2017

Rain Lily

A single long event,
Earth so far, evolves
This rain lily
And humanity.
But what of what
Has not occurred?
I have no word 
For what is not.
And if a thought
That never happens
Never happens again,
Is that repetition?


  1. Repetition? parallel realities, could it not all be happening simultaneously?
    Or maybe not. Too scary to contemplate...would indicate multiple versions of "I"...! *smiles*
    A truly brilliant poem, Geo...and I love the photo! Really striking.:))

    1. Thank you, Ygraine! Operations of a multiverse are surely beyond our comfort zone. If our identities leak over to other continua, surely our utility rates would go up.

  2. Replies
    1. Oh Delores, I don't know. Can thought grasp the absence of itself? Can thoughtlessness? It's one of those times I wish my parents had done better job on my brain.

  3. What a beautiful lily! And perhaps that which has not occurred could be called "possibility" ... possibly. Your final question makes me smile.

    1. O_Jenny, you got it right! All possibilities are assembling in an infinite set --a universe in expansion. The question is a test of whether or not our definitions extend beyond what can be known. Will relay lily compliment to Norma.

  4. There's a CS Lewis feel to this one. My brain cells are having a party.
    You did it again, Geo. It's wonder full.

    1. Wonder full Robyn, most kind. There are those writers and artists who can impose order upon the fantastic --we learn a lot from them.


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  6. I think that way when I dream ... Love, cat.

    1. Welcome! And yes, much of dreaming is our thoughts set free. My friend, Willie, calls it "Night School".


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  8. Glorious poetry my friend!

    this pretty serene image goes well with the flight of your thoughts !

  9. If it's a thought
    It matters not
    If it happens
    Well, I don't know

    The more we think
    The more we drink
    In the delight
    Of what's probable
    And what's possible

    And what's more
    There's no score
    Of such things in nature
    Other than mountains
    And gorges and canyons
    And of course lilies

    And humanity feels like
    An altogether different beast
    Or I might be a little young
    And a lot more dumb
    To see it for what it is

    1. KK, your increasing skill at English verse astonishes me. Keep writing. You have a gift.

    2. Thank you Geo.

      It is only because of your thought provoking poetry that I was able to try a hand


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