Sunday, December 31, 2017

In Tulê Fog

In the south field
Tulê fog obscures
Scores of infinite
Futures to yield
Doubt --out there
Beyond the creek
Where it bends west
And I seek some
Best sense of the 
Year ahead-- even
An hour is immense.
I feel future floating
In  mist -- it consists
Of  features unformed,
Until the sun nears
And land is warmed,
Time moves and
Tomorrow appears.


  1. I love seeing the fog and being outside when it's a fogy day, plus I love the feel of a mist on a warm summer day!

    Geo., that photo is absolutely beautiful, and I love your poem that goes with!

    I wish you and yours much happiness in this New Year!

    1. Lon, Thank you. Even though motorists may not agree, I too love the fog. It's like a mystery tour of imagined worlds without ever leaving home. I also reciprocate your good wishes for the new year.

  2. I fell in love with fog as a teenager bringing the cows up from pasture. Every fence post and tree became a character from another time and place. I just followed the cows. They knew where they were going. Cows always know where they are going.

    1. Delores, thank you for that. Your comment made me feel at peace --and happy with an old memory. Before we finished our south fence, I used to get cows in the yard and have to usher them out. They always looked apologetic but they knew they were trespassing.

  3. I glean hope and promise from your sweet words.
    Happy New Year and love to you, Geo.

    1. My pleasure and my privilege, Robyn. I could not ask for a happier New Year wish. Thank You.

  4. Very soothing poem, and very true. Tomorrow takes shape as it comes along, not before.

    Can you educate me on what tule (with accent) means?

    Some day I also need to learn how to type with accents!

    1. Thank you, Jenny. The poem is part of time and will doubtless undergo changes --tomorrows, what a thrill!
      As to tule, with and accent: I used a circumflex mark --a little hat-- to show the "e" is its own unstressed syllable. In English, "tule" --pronounced toolee-- never looked right to me, so I employed the same diacritical mark I use in typing math formulas.

      I consult my notes: 1. place cursor for character. 2.activate numeric keypad, right of keyboard, by pressing "num lock".3.while pressing down on "alt" key, type 0234 on numerical keyboard. The rest is just luck in my case. But fiddling around finally yielded e's little hat. Good luck!

    2. Thank you for that, Geo.

      I was also wondering what the actual word "tule" meant - the only definition I can find is "bullrushes common to California" - is this related?

    3. It is related. Tules, which we also call cat-tails, number among the wide variety of bullrushes. They grow in the shallows, so there's a thriving ecosystem protected by them Many life-forms have been found among bullrushes --even Moses.

  5. Beautiful post to get the new year started off right.

    1. Thanks, Rick! I have high hopes for this year --for all of us.


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