Thursday, April 5, 2018

A Photon is a photon

For this, I go back nearly a decade (11/15/2008)

and add a Normaphoto, Blue Midnight:


Antiparticle Of A Photon Is A Photon

First there is wilderness
With a voice in it
Sent all ways at once,
Echoing at random on
A becoming collocation--
In minds surprised
By a healing tune or
Curtain opened on an
Indoor moon.
This black flower sends
Petals into night,
But silent?
I don't know, things said
Sometimes leave me
But silences, never.
After all, where
Would they go?

(Horiculturists, please look up Scilla Peruviana . I heard the name "Blue Midnight" and, despite my ethnicity, prefer it to "Portuguese Squill".) Because of interest in the flower, I'm adding a photo of the same blossom a few days later:


  1. What stunning blooms - do all the little purple buds eventually open into little blue flowers?

    I think you're right about silences. Beautiful word pictures here, Geo.

    1. Yes, Jenny, I think they do all open eventually but here they only bloom every other year --so they may behave differently elsewhere. It's a plant with a lot of character.

    2. I see you've added a later shot - thank you! It reminds me of a large, multi-stone jewel, given those colours and the perfection of the tiny flowers.

    3. Thanks, Jenny. It's been an especially hard day for me and sure appreciate your thoughtful comment. You've done some good here.

  2. How I long to see flowers again ... any flower, friend Geo as Winter has not left yet ... Love, cat.

    1. Cat, beautiful Cat, there should always be blossoms in your life!

  3. Soothing Beauty!!!

    you captured this so gorgeously !

    Absolutely Charming poetry!

    i felt almost there in the middle of the wilderness ,listening talking silence ,OUTSTANDINGLY AMAZING!

    1. Dear Baili, you express beautifully what we all feel listening and talking silence in the language of nature.

  4. That is a lovely picture! I too wonder if we will see any flowers again here anything soon. And I love the name you call it, Portuguese Squill.

    1. The flower is a personal favorite, Maddie, glad you like it. I just added a photo of how it looked yesterday.

  5. You bring it all together - the sounds and cadence, meaningful inquiries...and a new word for me: "collocation." Excellent word, excellent poet.
    I can almost smell those beautiful flowers too.
    Thank you, Geo, gifted man.

    1. Most kind, dear Robyn. Much appreciated.


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