Tuesday, April 28, 2009


One is
A changing value:
A moment in time;
Zero over itself
Or sum of ourselves.
One from everything;
Divided by anything, one;
An incomplete quotient
With a remainder of
Consciousness, or
A complete definition
Eternally underway.
I should mention
Angels here, outside
Math, intuitive, discuss
Human rise and fall.
I hear them say:
They needn't see us,
They needn't see us
At all.


  1. Hmm. This gives me something to contemplate as I go off to have two--not one-hernia in-and-out operations today. Reminds me first of the old song "One is the Loneliest Number of All" and then when I get to the center--"A complete definition
    Eternally underway." I see the balance that the rest of "Surd" unravels from its mathematical and phonetic roots: ORIGIN mid 16th cent.: from Latin surdus ‘deaf, mute’ ; as a mathematical term, translating Greek (Euclid) alogos ‘irrational, speechless,’ apparently via Arabic ji d r aṣamm, literally ‘deaf root.’ The phonetics senses date from the mid 18th cent." Love consulting etymologies! Hope they tuck me in again well today, angels!

  2. Will,

    Didn't get to this until afternoon and you've doubtless undergone the procedure, but I will away to the Temple Of Hernia, Greek goddess of P.E., and negotiate your speedy recovery.



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