Friday, April 10, 2009


I find another
Looking at a maple leaf
Frozen in snow.
A hundred years apart
We share the same thought!
We jostle the same instant!
Clearly if I want
To read your mind
Reaching out is
The wrong direction.


  1. Now this one, even after a second and third reading, is delightfully elusive: I get the feeling but I can't put it in words. Reminds me of the controversies surrounding the meaning of "Stopping by Fields."

  2. Willie,

    This might help: Poem was written 20 years ago when I really did come upon a maple leaf frozen in snow. I was immediately reminded of a poem by Masaoka Shiki:

    "Frozen in the ice
    A maple leaf."

    It was one of those moments when linear time sense is compromised by something closer to reality.


  3. Yes! It's like seeing your response came through at one of my favorite time, 1:11!


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