Saturday, June 6, 2009

Secret De Polichinelle

I go with you
Because some things
Are good to do--
Subscribe in dreams to
The coincidence
Of general advantage
And ages still to come.
The sum of it is
Not increased by
Permission, or
By decision divided in
Any way I know.
You simply hope
And hope is
Where you go.
And the wine is good,
The day fine.
We talk, knowing years
Away we'll remember
Where we stood.
We laugh.
I'll pay half.
That too is
Good, eh?


  1. I like this! I like people like Punch, and maybe there'
    s more than a bit of him in me and you. Delightful, especially for a reflective spring Saturday afternoon! Thanks, Geo.


  2. Will,

    A bit, indeed more than a bit, when it comes to Punch keeping only the least secret of secrets --which becomes then the best kept of secrets. The poem was built literally from a dream in which the phase "coincidence of general advantage" actually woke my partner up! Consensus must sometimes begin with talking in our sleep, eh?


  3. Ah! "And ages still to come" says a lot, too....


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