Thursday, October 22, 2009

Perfume Leaving The Opera

Stairway apparatus,
Enfleurage, fat and flowers
From which alcohol
Dissolves other days,
Words sublime and absurd,
Song and the feel of sound.
Even a long grind of wheels
Against the curb obtains
A tincture, refined
After music, laughter
By a better mind.


  1. All poems are complete, as is this one. I grok its essence and feel I have been there, had an experience, maybe leaving the S.F. Opera House many times. And yet...I'd love to know if there was a specific when and where for your experience here!

  2. Well yes, SF Opera can't be excluded --especially when it's one of the last places in the universe with a human elevator operator in it-- but the composite is composed of theaters across the nation.

  3. I got a message on my RSS feed on mail that you had updated this, but I guess it meant your comment. Thanks for answering my question...and more! I forgot about the human-operated elevator there. That IS cool. But if there weren't an operator people would trample each other trying to get in...and out. Opera-goers are as bad a soccer fans!


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