Monday, December 14, 2009


A towering oven,
Rarefying entropy,
Elutriates what is
Tame in me, or is it
Tumbled walls,
A castle gate open
Onto wild sea?
Sometimes I discern
The heart of it, this
Alchemy of objects,
Shadows, love
Racing among old trees,
Mounded roses, ablaze
Where lightning stung.
I go where it goes while
The storm is young.


  1. You set the tone and thus meaning early on. I had to look up athanor and elutriates to get exact meanings even though the sense became clear once I realized the alchemical message: one's connecting with/being fed by the fire of life's alchemical source's essence.

  2. Do you feel that Syria spying on dissidents?

  3. Yes, Anonymous, I do --especially the attractive, scantily clad dissidents.


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