Saturday, July 31, 2010

La Poule

Dancing to
Armegeddon grimly,
Young, unkind.
I did not want to
Leave the dance,
Grow a mind in
Patterned chance where
Borromean rings
Rattle free but
Did, didn't we?
Remember dimly,
See it still--
Co-pilots at
Quadrille, partners.
Shall we leave
This festooned hill,
Find a farm?
Let us go then,
Arm in arm.


  1. This made me think, first, of the old which came first, the chicken or the egg conundrum. Then, on re-reading, I thought about the myriad of disasters, catastrophes and just bad stuff seemingly on the increase in our world, both our planetary microcosm and our personal microcosms. I can relate to the pensiveness and edgy tentativeness, as I do to Auden's "1st September 1939"....

  2. Yes, planetary and personal. I was probably thinking something like that, but also about a scientist whose sense of humor taught a good lesson. In 1934, French zoologist, Antoine Magnan published proof that bumblebees can't possibly fly. It showed there is always a solution outside our growing sphere of knowledge, and we musn't forget to grow.


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