Monday, July 12, 2010


Reward of constellation,
Rising sun--
Rainy ones, sisters--
Resist definition
In numbers, as father
Atlas suffered.
Hunters, suitors
Stalk because
Orion does stalk,
Brawl the stunned beast,
Make dogs of us all
And bring us to our least.
These were ancient
Greeks, real, devout,
Who knew worlds
Heal inside out.


  1. Thanks, Geo.! When i used to teach mythology to high school freshmen, where you went to school but before that, I had some students who were fascinated by the Pleiades, and so I found how they have been powerful mythically and mystically for many ancient and modern cultures. Your poem captures some of that!

  2. Wow! Thanks Willie. My vision of the future back then --50s and 60s-- was to someday build a spaceship freight business named with my 2 favorite words: The Pleiades-Bombay Navigation Company. And I would be its bearded captain. As usual I became a gardener instead. Found I can't stand a beard.

  3. Pleiades has always been my favorite constellation. Then a few years back I learned that the Cherokee believed that ...that is where they came from....


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