Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Existence Problem

We have an existence problem.
We are not here,
Then we are born.
We are here but
Other things aren't quite,
Like UFOs: celebrity can
Fetch the mail with
His shirt buttoned wrong
And pictures are everywhere;
UFO can shut down airports
And cameras record fuzz.
Then we die and
Don't exist except
As fuzz photographed
Over seances.
Seance is a congress
Of disembodied souls
Like Internet discussions.
You can fetch email
In a fuzzy shirt and
Never get photographed
At all, which means
You are an unidentified
Flying celebrity
Or do not exist.


  1. My first errant thought: Send this to our EGHS alumnus UFOlogist Al Lehmberg! You might finally achieve the poet's fame you deserve, on this and/or other planets or universes. My second errant thought: I'm coming up to Elk Grove this Friday for at least a few days to--among other things--join the Class of '65 at their 45th reunion (mainly because I missed the 40th, breaking a previously perfect decennial record). Since I don't drive or have a car anymore, I may arrive in a UFO, probably a fuzzy one. So keep your eyes to the skies! Speak of "Existence Problem"!

  2. True, I'm not generally recognized on this planet --as I am on some others-- but I'm not done with it yet. Haven't been into EG in some time but would happily make a special trip. That the class of 65 invites you to reune 45 years out is testament to your value as their teacher. I hope they've all graduated by now. If not, get after them!


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