Friday, October 1, 2010

Wasn't Me

Scylla is an old
Monster, six sailor-snatching
Heads and the yelp
Of unhappy hounds.

It lives in a cave by the sea.

Scylla has twelve feet
Clawed into rock
Inside of me and

Overlooks the course of thought.

Doesn't mind destinations,
Care where they're bound,
Ill or well, canoes or
Columbus in his caravel

And lives in a cave by the sea.

Scylla leaves them
Derelict on tides --cargoes
Go where cargo goes
When no one decides

What follows fear at sea.

Goofy dog heads.
Goofy me could save them
All --barge, brigantine, ketch.

Throw six sticks from Scylla, then yell

"Fetch!" But in this cave
I haven't the heart to
See my monster rip apart.

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